Capital House

The World’s First Islamic Capital Market Platform, Built On Blockchain Technology.



A Full-Scale Platform For Tokenizing Islamic Shari’ah Sukuk.

A Shari’ah compliant, decentralized, and tokenized Sukuk platform on blockchain technology, adhering to high regulations.

Capital House is introducing a highly regulated and Shari’ah compliant, decentralized and tokenized Sukuk platform built on blockchain technology.

A full-scale platform for tokenizing Islamic Sharia Sukuk, shares, funds and other securities, providing a decentralized trade interface, different tools, “One Click” tokenization mechanism, and a multilevel security system.

The one of a kind platform will enable Islamic capital markets payers to tap into digital asset markets, by tokenizing Sukuk Issuances and facilitating a flexible secondary market.

Capital House also provides a flexible fundraising mechanism for institutions of all sizes and will maintain wide access to global funds for the qualified participants, with unprecedented opportunities in the Islamic capital markets.

Capital House simplifies the trading of securities and makes it more flexible and secure for all parties: investors, brokers and issuers.

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