Your digital wallet solutions provider to empower your enterprise.


Squaircle is a pioneer in digital wallet solutions with custom scalable solutions and programs made to gain economic advantage from every market and industry.

A world-class business solutions built to navigate the challenges and opportunities of businesses, no matter the size, scale, or situation.

Squaircle has an instant and decisive ecosystem. A range of secure and powerful new solutions that grow alongside your market presence. A secure identification, prepaid solutions, and application add-ons that are fine-tuned for the cyber environment.

Squaircle has a team of world-leading experts in digital wallet platform, with extensive industry and market knowledge in the digital and tech-first economy.

Squiarcle offers a range of state-of-the-art trademark solutions that cover all digital wallet needs, including.

  • – MiD™ Digital Identity: Digital ID Card
  • – SQ Planet™ eWallet: Wallet solutions
  • – SQ PayNOW™ Cards: PrePaid Cards
  • – GlobalProtect™ : Governance and Compliance


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