Securing Funding Through Digitized Venture Capital Practices

About One
Global Capital

We secure funding for promising ventures through innovative digitized venture capital practices. We serve as the financial pillar for ventures, providing the necessary capital, managing risk, and ensuring prosperous forecasts for sustainable growth. Our goal is to leverage capital effectively to launch and scale innovative businesses.

What Does One
Global Capital

One Global Capital acts as a strategic partner to businesses. We are more than just a capital provider; we are a facilitator of growth, investing in the potential of technological innovation and entrepreneurial talent.

We secure funding through digitized venture capital practices, acting as general partners (GPs), while also managing limited partners’ (LPs) money. This approach allows us to effectively attract shared-success seekers and promote active investor participation, which benefits both our portfolio and external companies.

Our focus is ensuring prosperous forecasts. Through our expertise and strategic planning, we help ventures to create value, achieve their financial goals, and realize their full potential in the market.

Optimal returns
and results


Graduate companies become success stories followed by onboarding of external startups.

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Increased focus, productivity, and nurtured innovation through expansion.

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Deliver sustainable growth to One Global Holding and investors by democratizing investment to entrepreneurs.

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Investing in digital transformation & fostering the next generation of market leaders.