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Capital House

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Pioneering the Future of Islamic Finance and Blockchain Technology.


At its very beginning, Capital House operated as a de-facto innovation hub, providing islamic financial solutions based on leading Islamic market trends.

The premise however gave rise to an emerging need within the One Global Holding group of companies. This changing situation provided a lucrative opportunity for transformation into the company’s fold, as a pillar for future innovations.


A primary focus of the arm of the business had been the provision of financial Islamic solutions in accordance with Islamic finance and banking.

This practice includes services and capital provision that ensures complying with and adhering to the principles of Sharia law. Whereas Islamic finance is an established concept, Capital House began to implement this in blockchain technology.


As a wholly owned subsidiary, Capital House operated from its registered headquarters in Switzerland. The activities of the company primarily centered on providing services that ensured the functioning and scaling of new businesses within the One Global Holding portfolio of companies.


Preparation for market entry required adjustments to the branding and etymology of the company itself. As a strategic measure, a naming transition from the previous title, Og Chain, was instituted, transitioning the business into its current name, Capital House, using Og chain core technologies. Comprehensive re-branding as well as a downstream communications initiative were implemented to harmonize the transition with the wider business objectives.


Among the most significant milestones of this subsidiary of One Global Holding, is the fact Capital House had been the first business within the portfolio of companies to execute and soft-launch operations. The reason for this was the pre-established qualification for market entry, a market crypto friendly, and stable stream of clients and stakeholders, as well as a determined mission to act as incubator and innovator.


Capital House has grown to service the entire group of companies, acting as an innovation hub niche within the wider ecosystem. The result is a rapidly established business and stabilizing force within the One Global Holding environment on its operated domain and demanding industry actors.