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About One
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We unlock true business potential through strategy, capital, and an innovative incubation environment. We fast-track ventures into scalable businesses, fostering their growth in the competitive landscape of the digital age. Our goal is value creation fuelled by innovation, collaboration, and strategic guidance.


We empower your vision by providing the resources, technology, and mentorship necessary to bring groundbreaking ideas to life.


We accelerate growth of emerging businesses by offering a holistic business ecosystem that includes incubation services, strategic guidance, and capital.


We share a collaborative platform that optimizes value by funding scalable businesses and driving global digital transformation.


We provide the minds and mindsets that will solve tomorrow’s challenges and offer crucial data and technical support for any world-changing ideas.


We enable corporate stakeholders with essential support services which can include legal and development consultations, or investment opportunities.


We ensure our world’s leading organisations fulfil mandates thanks to non-profit venture sponsorships, philanthropy, and community support.

What Does One
Global Hub

One Global Hub supports entrepreneurial success, through resourcing promising ventures. We employ a comprehensive approach towards incubation, supporting businesses at every stage of their development journey – from idea generation to market entry.

Our incubation process is designed to foster innovation and accelerate growth that leverages our 20+ years of market knowledge for key validation. We provide businesses with access to our vast internal technology network, industry experts, innovative platforms, and a marketplace to bring products to life.

At One Global Hub, we believe that with the right culture, resources, mentoring, and workspace ambiance. Every venture has the potential to lead the digital transformation wave and create value at a global scale. Our ecosystem ensures businesses fast-track their ventures and navigate the complexities of the digital world with ease.

Incubation Process

Application acceptance consists of passing six stages which also form selection criteria.

Ventures must satisfy key entry, volume, and exit criteria to graduate the business incubator process.

Accelerator Process

Businesses must fulfill entry, measurement, and exit criteria to graduate the startup accelerator process.


Explore a showcase of ventures that have successfully completed our innovative incubation and acceleration processes. Explore transformed ideas into market-leading enterprises, exemplifying the power of digital transformation.

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