Success story
Og Money

From a Mobile Financial Services app to a SuperApp

Elevating Digital Financial Solutions

From its early days, Og Money has consistently pushed boundaries in the digital financial realm. A platform that stands committed to innovation, user-centricity, and seamless financial experiences, transcending borders and redefining the future of mobile finance.


One Global Money is a one-stop financial, retail, travel, and digital gaming vouchers and gift cards provider, offering a broad range of superapp solutions including mobile financial services across the MENA region. Further offerings include comprehensive travel services, native eCommerce environment, digital gaming tournament platform, as well as secure wallet-to-wallet solutions.


By offering services integrated with renowned entities including Apple iTunes, PlayStation, Xbox, Amazon, Facebook, Steam, Fortnite and others, the platform has solidified its credibility and market standing. Building on this strong foundation, there’s a strategic vision to position Og Money as a super app. With an established clientele’s trust and a consistently high volume of daily transactions, the platform possesses all the essential elements to evolve into a comprehensive digital ecosystem.


With a commendable tally of 3.2 million downloads, Og Money’s footprint underscores its potential for expansive growth throughout the MENA region. This significant user base not only highlights the platform’s  influence but also provides invaluable insights. Recognizing the diverse needs of its vast user demographic, the company discerns opportunities to introduce new services that resonate across varied consumer segments and markets.


With the introduction of digital vouchers, gaming services, and telecom offerings, Og Money has evolved into a comprehensive digital marketplace, centralizing diverse user needs into one platform. International expansion resulted in a significant market share in: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, UAE as well as Uganda – the latter acting as an operational hub for southern African nations’ user bases.


With its distinct identity as Og Money for Retail and Wholesale Trading Company, the platform stands as a testament to innovation and adaptability. Having transitioned into an independent entity, Og Money solidifies its position in the digital financial landscape, proudly holding its unique license.


Og Money, now a self-standing entity, has firmly established its presence in the digital financial realm. Aspiring to become a SuperApp, the platform is set on refining its services and expanding both vertically and horizontally across regions. Core offerings include streamlined payment solutions and a diverse marketplace, with plans to broaden its global footprint.