Success story

A pioneer in digital wallet solutions with custom scalable solutions and programs made to gain economic advantage from every market and industry.

Revolutionizing the wallet

To be at the forefront of this transformation, we must deliver cutting-edge digital wallet solutions that empower businesses to tap into the digital world with efficient, secure, and state-of-the-art services. This chronicle highlights the journey of Squaircle, a subsidiary of One Global Holding, and its profound impact on the world of digital payments.


Squaircle was established with a distinct goal: to simplify and enhance digital wallet services. In essence, Squaircle aimed to provide a comprehensive range of solutions that are catered to the diverse needs of businesses in an increasingly dynamic digital world.


Squaircle’s journey reflects anticipating evolving client needs, whether through the development of state-of-the-art digital wallets, prepaid card solutions, or cutting-edge loyalty scheme technology. Squaircle has remained committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of the digital wallet landscape.


Squaircle’s success is not solely defined by technological advancements but rather by the real-world impact of its solutions. Businesses across various industries have benefited from Squaircle’s digital wallet services, enabling them to streamline operations, reach new customers, and enhance the overall customer experience.  As a result, Business partners are empowered to offer their individual solutions that simplify their everyday financial engagement, making the payment landscape experience secure, convenient, and efficient.


One Global Holding’s global presence has been instrumental. With operations spanning multiple countries and regions, Squaircle combines a global outlook with local expertise to deliver tailored solutions that resonate with diverse business partners.


With a commitment to innovation, security, and customer satisfaction, Squaircle is well-positioned to empower businesses with the innovative approach they need to thrive in a dynamic and digitally-centric ecosystem.


The success story of Squaircle is a testament to the vision, dedication, and innovative spirit of One Global Holding. Through innovation, excellence, and customer focus, Squaircle emerged as a leader in digital wallet services, transforming businesses through financial transactions in the new digital economy.

As it looks to the horizon, Squaircle remains steadfast in shaping the future of digital payments and creating value for its clients and partners worldwide.